Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Illinois Family Law Information

Illinois family law is a legal process that is solemn and serious. Just like marriage certificate records, divorce records are kept forever as well. In Illinois they all remain with the county clerk’s office. The clerk's office is the primary source of information given by the government of Illinois, although many public offices offer some of the information and assistance if needed. All of the family law records are held in the county and have to be individually searched to obtain the information.

The simplest way to get a copy of a record is to contact the Illinois Clerk's Office in the county wherein the proceeding occurred. This can be done either online or in person, pay a small fee and obtain the facts surrounding a marriage or divorce. In addition to this, it must be after 1962 to get the information without an additional search fee. Ask if it is possible to obtain a copy without paying a fee as each county has its own pricing structure. The government agencies use the monies to pay their staff, not for profit. Another way to gain this information is through an attorney dealing in Family Law.

Divorce records are not provided as a “drive thru” sort of service. As the divorces have much more paperwork involved, it takes additional search time. Due to the search time required, it is best to go through a third party online search or an attorney to obtain the information. This gives a very convenient way to get family law records. What makes it so convenient? From state to state, documented divorce records are required before being able to obtain a marriage license in another state. Details around Illinois Family Law are complicated. Be prepared.

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