Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Illinois Adoptions

Illinois adoptions can be complicated and time-consuming, as well as life-changing. Adding to your family is a major undertaking, both emotionally and financially, and is not to be taken lightly. A good family lawyer who is abreast of the Illinois adoption laws and known within the adoption community can be invaluable as a couple attempts to become adoptive parents. You need an experienced advocate on your side-you do not want to attempt this by yourself.

There are many considerations involved in the adoption process. First, you must be at least 21 years old, have enough space and go through what is known as a “home study.” This is an inspection of your ability to raise a child–your finances, your background, your home, your parenting skills-even your marriage. If the child is from another country, there may be immigration requirements and additional costs involved. There is also the issue of contracts between the potential adoptive parents and the birth parents. And on it goes. Everyone knows that adoption can be tremendously complex and fraught with potentially unanticipated developments. Stories of disappointment and discouragement abound. Be prepared and begin the journey by hiring an attorney with close familiarity and expertise in Illinois adoptions.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicago Divorce Lawyer Info

If you live in Chicago and are contemplating filing for divorce (or have been served with a petition for divorce), it is best to find a qualified Chicago divorce lawyer to help you navigate the legal process. Divorce proceedings begin when a petition for dissolution of marriage is filed in the appropriate court by one of the parties (the petitioner) and is then served on the other party (the respondent). The other party then has 30 days to respond. Along with responding, this is usually when the respondent chooses to hire an attorney.

Whichever side of the process you are on, hiring an expert divorce attorney can help with the pain and suffering occasioned by a divorce, by negotiating a fair settlement in the shortest time allowed. It is important to remember that you need to protect your rights at this time. An attorney who is well-versed in Illinois divorce law can use their expertise to negotiate a final agreement in your best interest. Every case is different, and a good attorney is prepared for whatever each case demands. A quality Chicago divorce lawyer will see to it that you are well-represented and that you reach an arrangement which is satisfying to you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Illinois Adoptions

Illinois Adoptions turn individuals into a parent. A family is born. We congratulate and celebrate your decision in this all important step in your life. We have all heard the horror stories that accompany adoptions go bad. What you need to remember is that for each negative story, there are hundreds of successful adoptions that happen daily. There definitely is something to the adage "All good things are worth waiting for". When this paramount decision is made is the time to contact an Illinois adoption attorney.

Similiar to other life changing events like marriage and divorce, there are laws and regulations that accompany adoptions also. These rules are not in place to make the journey more difficult, they are in place to protect the rights of the child, the new parents as well as the persons involved in placing their child up for adoption. Having guidance and representation in the seemingly unending paperwork, evaluations and proceedings is the best start to forming your new family.

Adoption is an incredible gift. It means someone is saying to a child "I love you enough to be certain you have the best, and the best is not something I can provide" as well as the new parents stating "Before I knew you I loved you and promise to take care of you”.

There are local and foreign adoptions, each with separate governing laws. To make this process easier, contact a proven and knowledgeable attorney about the process for successful Illinois adoptions. The phone call will begin what will become a life event you will want be handled perfectly.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Illinois Legal Separation

There is a difference between an Illinois legal separation from a divorce. The party that decides that they are “done” and is requesting a separation will need to file paperwork with the Courts specifically requesting the action. This is the first step to having the status of your marriage legally changed. A judge will then decide how all financial aspects of the separation will need to be resolved between the two parties. One thing the judge takes in to consideration is debt. Is there significant debt that needs to be taken care during the period of separation? Who is responsible for what? Recently, it has been observed some people file for a separation because they need to file for bankruptcy! Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of what this wretched economy is doing to us!

Technically speaking, a legal separation is just that, a separation which is a preparation for the actual divorce. This gives both parties time to decide which items are not mutually binding and time to make the decisions that they otherwise had to do with their spouse. If the couple is already on the outs and don’t want to look each other in the eye, then they have no option than to go their separate ways.

Sometimes a legal separation is what the couple needs to obtain a fresh outlook. Things, life things tend to get wound very tight and affect your everyday responsibilities. A break is just the medicine needed in some cases. It is great in these times because a divorce is a painful event and should be avoided if possible. If you are considering an Illinois legal separation, be wise and obtain representation from a well respected and experienced law firm.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Illinois Child Support Laws

Illinois child support laws assist in enforcing two different things. First off, it helps the child have legal guidelines to assist in the raising of the child. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of parents out there, male and female that drop their parental responsibilities and goes in fugitive mode by not paying for child support. Given the economy’s current state, many state agencies find themselves overworked and under-paid in trying to ensure that each child under their jurisdiction is properly and expeditiously receiving the financial support they deserve.

The longer you wait as a parent to have the child support enforced by a member of the law enforcement community or by an attorney, the harder the process will be. Become your own advocate. Read the local laws. Money seems to be the root of all evil, especially when it comes to your own kids. As divorced parents, you want to make sure that all of the funding you are providing as support is being applied to what your child or children need. However, remember, the care of the child goes beyond clothes and food. Here is a quick calculator in determining potential costs for Illinois child support.

In many states, you can petition to have the other parents visitation suspended until they pay any past due amount. It seems cruel, however, it is necessary to ensure the proper care of the child. The courts process can be lengthy, so it will take patience. It is always an option to discuss the situation with the non-paying spouse in a calm and adult-like manner prior to going to litigation. If this has been attempted and either not received or not acted upon, you may be left with no choice. Contact a Chicago Family Lawyer who can assist you with the preparation of documents, the scheduling and representation with the Courts while keeping your situation in compliance of the Illinois child support laws.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Illinois Child Custody

In Illinois child custody cases, it is crucial for all parents to understand and read each statute, even if they have representation! If you are working through creating a child custody and visitation agreement the statues under Family Law detail the information and all schedules of approval needed. The schedule isn’t something you fill out and dismiss. Every document needs to be approved by the court. Careful thought, planning and consideration is a must.

Every statute that exists under custody of a child, states that the custody will be resolved in the interest of the child, not the parent. To give further clarification, the statutes provide a list of the items the court considers. Factors generally include: the wishes of the parents and child, interaction of the child and parent, interrelationship of the child with the parents, siblings, potential adjustment to school and being away from other family. In addition, the parent needs to have an open willingness to the other parent to encourage the child’s relationship with him/her.

For cases where joint custody is requested, the Illinois courts holds the power to order a joint agreement if it stands in the best interest of the child. Joint custody does not mean that the child gets equal time with each parent. It only means that both parents get an equal say and shared responsibilities in certain factors of their childs or childrens life; in other words, overall parental responsibility.

To start this process, a schedule has to be completed from both parental sides and presented to the court. The judge then deems what the final resolution will be with regard to the wishes of the parents, the best interest of the child and the Illinois child custody laws.