Monday, July 5, 2010

Illinois Child Support Laws

Illinois child support laws assist in enforcing two different things. First off, it helps the child have legal guidelines to assist in the raising of the child. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of parents out there, male and female that drop their parental responsibilities and goes in fugitive mode by not paying for child support. Given the economy’s current state, many state agencies find themselves overworked and under-paid in trying to ensure that each child under their jurisdiction is properly and expeditiously receiving the financial support they deserve.

The longer you wait as a parent to have the child support enforced by a member of the law enforcement community or by an attorney, the harder the process will be. Become your own advocate. Read the local laws. Money seems to be the root of all evil, especially when it comes to your own kids. As divorced parents, you want to make sure that all of the funding you are providing as support is being applied to what your child or children need. However, remember, the care of the child goes beyond clothes and food. Here is a quick calculator in determining potential costs for Illinois child support.

In many states, you can petition to have the other parents visitation suspended until they pay any past due amount. It seems cruel, however, it is necessary to ensure the proper care of the child. The courts process can be lengthy, so it will take patience. It is always an option to discuss the situation with the non-paying spouse in a calm and adult-like manner prior to going to litigation. If this has been attempted and either not received or not acted upon, you may be left with no choice. Contact a Chicago Family Lawyer who can assist you with the preparation of documents, the scheduling and representation with the Courts while keeping your situation in compliance of the Illinois child support laws.

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