Monday, October 11, 2010

Rights and Obligations of Unmarried Couples

Over a period of last 20 years, there has been considerable growth in number of live-in relationships across the globe and especially in United States. Chicago family law does not prohibit such live-in relationships. However, the cohabiting couples living together do not automatically get the same legal rights and benefits, which are granted in case of traditional marriages. Therefore, upon separation or death of one of the partner in such live in relationships results in the treatment of surviving partner is a complete stranger by law.

The immediate descendants from such live in relationships or the surviving partner do not have any legal right in the property and asserts of the deceased partner. However, seLiving Together Forever in love!..Shall we!?Image by mohammadali via Flickrarch live in couples have an option to enter into a cohabitation agreement that can legally define their relationship. Such cohabitation agreements can be used by the Illinois court to decide and judge the share of surviving partner in the property and assets of the deceased.

A traditional marriage has the sanction of customs, society, and law, which confers the legal rights and protections upon both the partners and the immediate descendents from the marriage. However, in case of a live in relationship the cohabiting couples need to take an affirmative action by entering into the legal agreement, which determines the legal rights, protection, and obligations. Even though, such an agreement cannot confirm some of the legal rights and benefits, such as tax benefits, which are applicable only to traditionally married couples it could be useful in determining the rights and responsibilities of parties to the contract.

Illinois Child Support Laws along with the cohabitation agreement could come to the rescue of offspring of such live in relationships.

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