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Two Major Types of Adoption in Illinois

Illinois adoptions are the process whereby an adult Illinois citizen takes the responsibility of becoming the legal parent or guardian of a child. It is important to note that a biological child cannot be adopted by an individual who is also the biological parent of that child. Therefore, an adoption can only apply in case of a child who is not the biological offspring of the adopting parent. During the adoption, legal proceedings are filed and the legal ties that exist between the child and his or her biological parents are broken. Additionally, the paternal obligations are transferred to the new parents to complete the adoption process. It also results in the legal right of an adopted child to inherit the property and assets of his or her legal parents.

Agency Adoption
A licensed Illinois adoption agency can be public or private and is regulated by the Illinois state law. When the court makes an abandoned child the states ward, a governmental advocate for abused, abandoned, or otherwise orphaned children will step in and take custody. Contrary to this, a private agency, typically run by a charity institution of social service organization, oversees the adoption process of children who have been voluntarily placed up for adoption by their biological parents.AdoptionImage via Wikipedia

Independent Adoption
In an "independent adoption", the child is placed into the custody of the new legal guardians or adoptive parents without using an agency. Open adoption is a form of an independent adoption in which the adoptive parents generally have a relationship with the biological mother of the child.
An attorney under the provisions of Illinois Family Law may facilitate independent adoptions outside from biological parent to adoptive parents.
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