Monday, November 8, 2010

Military Divorce Takes a Toll on Soldiers

With all of the hard work that our military personnel put in to protect our country, it's unfortunate that many times divorce can be another battle they have to fight. The stress of military life and long periods of separation are tough on both sides of these relationships. If a military couple is at the point where divorce is the only choice, it is a smart choice for a lawyer who understands military divorce laws to be consulted. There are certain aspects to a military divorce that do not arise in a conventional setting, and only a lawyer with experience in military divorce laws has the know how to provide the necessary legal counseling that is needed.

Variables Affecting Military Divorce
One of the parties in a military divorce may be on active duty in a distant land and unable to attend any of the divorce proceedings. There has to be a capable lawyer to stand in for this party in the case of a military divorce. Being unable to attend the hearings does not mean that any military personnel should not be able to receive the best possible legal advice and help. Lawyers who specialize in military divorce laws understand the challenges that these circumstances cause and can offer the legal help that is needed.

Being a member of the military is not an easy job. There shouldn't be excessive hardships placed on these soldiers when a divorce takes place. There doesn't have to be when an experienced attorney, who intimately understands military divorce laws, is involved in the case. No divorce is easy, but the right lawyer can make things a lot simpler to deal with.Chart illustrating marital status in the Unite...Image via Wikipedia

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  1. I agree - as a fellow military divorce attorney, I've seen the same problems with our returning soldiers. It's difficult for them especially when they need that companionship the most.